Collin Kerr Cosplay Photography Showreel!


November, 2015

My Collection of Cosplay focused Photoshoots compiling Behind the Scenes footage and final images from the shoots!


Blackcrane cosplay
Feng song
Mel J
Eve Beauregard
Kyle Parmley Cosplay
Darkforce Cosplay
CandyPie – Model
Black Cat ( BadKittyCosplay)
Melinda T.
Jack Action Cosplay
XOF Cosplay and Props
Sophie J.
Samara Thompson – Model
Yasemin Arslan – Vera chimera Cosplay
Dadpool cosplay
Judith C.
Apocalypse Meow cosplay
Lady Jaded
Ellie Christina


Dollup by Dollvyn
Bellisimo Eyelashes
CS Makeup
Emily Rose: Face and Body Painter

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