Perth 2020


February, 2020

Local Cosplay Photographers came together on February 1, 2020 hosted in the Chris Huzzard Studio for the Bushfire Relief fund raising project!

The “Cosplay Charity Photoshoot for Bushfire Relief” cause was a project initiated by Michael Steele of Vestiige Productions.

Fellow photographers included Collin Kerr , Clinton KellyChris Webster , Michael Fisher , the duo Kheng Teoh and Hope Emmily Tucker of HK Photography Perth  and Corey Sparnon !

I have linked their social media to allow you to visit their photos taken from the event.


Massive wildfires across Australia this fire season have scientists wondering if some of the country’s globally important forests can recover.


Australian Bushfires

The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season commenced with serious uncontrolled fires across New South Wales in June 2019. Since then, hundreds of fires have been or still are burning, mainly in the southeast of the country.

As of 14 January 2020, fires this season have burnt an estimated 18.6 million hectares (46 million acres; 186,000 square kilometres; 72,000 square miles), destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including 2,779 homes) and killed at least 34 people. An estimated one billion animals have been killed and some endangered species may be driven to extinction.

In the time of the Bushfire Crisis, Philanthropists, corporate organisations, celebrities, and sportspeople donated to various fundraising appeals for bushfire victims and firefighters; estimated to total A$500 million as of 19 January 2020. Following a representative sample, a report issued by the Fundraising Institute of Australia estimated that 53 percent of all adult Australians donated to a bushfire appeal.


Some 25,000 koalas feared dead on an island being consumed by flames.


Comedian Celeste Barber launched a fundraising appeal went on to raise over A$50 million – making it the largest fundraiser ever held on Facebook.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been under scrutiny, following news of him taking a family holiday to Hawaii during the bushfires. His visit to fire-affected towns including Cobargo warranted residents refusing residents to shake his hand in what seemed like a poorly executed publicity stunt. 

Like fire-affected residents, exhausted firefighters have accused Scott Morrison of a publicity stunt as he toured one of NSW’s worst firefields.

Protests across Australia occured to have him removed from his position as Prime Minister have been made following many inadequate responses and effort have been during this time.

Huzzard Studio, located in the heart of Perth CBD, played host to our event.

Our Donations

The Collaboration collected AU$750 and donated our funds to the RSPCA NSW. The RSPCA NSW efforts include the rescue and treatment of native wildlife and livestock who have been most affected by the fires.

As mentioned before, an estimated one billion animals have been killed and some endangered species may be driven to extinction.

Myself with Carastrophic Creations, dressed as the X-men TAS version of Mystique!

With fires ravaging across the state, animals are at their most vulnerable.

The RSPCA NSW Inspectorate, working alongside Local Land Services, Department of Primary Industries and district veterinarians, will have the difficult job of entering these areas and assessing any injured animals.

Their work will continue over the coming months, even after fires around the state will have ceased.

Striking a pose with Felix Forge who is dressed as the original 80’s version of DOOM!

This includes the rescue and treatment of native wildlife and livestock who have been most affected by the fires. We need your help with this important work.

Myself with PikaPi, cosplaying as Fire Nations Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Thank you to the cosplayers who came to have a photo in support of our cause, and special thank you to Michael Steele of Vestiige Productions, who organised and co-ordinated this event.

Photo Gallery 2020

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