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January, 2022

Metroid is a Japanese action-adventure game franchise that follows space bounty hunter Samus Aran, who protects the galaxy from Space Pirates and other malevolent forces.

From it’s first release in the 1980’s, the Metroid games were designed with the integration of side-scrolling gameplay, the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects, and science fiction.

Samus Aran has featured in several other game franchises, including as a playable character in every installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. A strong, and independent woman, Samus Aran is video game industry’s first dominant female that didn’t rely on a man to save her.

She is also recognized as one of the earliest female video game protagonists and has remained a popular and well-received character.

Pictured: Completing the game was revolutionary, because under the armoured suit the player controlled was in fact a woman the entire time.


Ellie Christina and I have been in talks of this shoot, but with events relating to COVID-19 lockdowns, executing this shoot was heavily delayed.
We settled to recreate three different iconic looks of Samus. The original look with Samus with the red bikini and wavy blonde hair (Metroid 1986), the black outfit with a sports top, thong and boots (Super Metroid, 1994), and the iconic skin-tight full body outfit known as the “Zero-suit” (Metroid: Zero Mission, 2004).  
The goal was to capture the feel of the character, and we knew she was mobile, athletic and had alot of agility. Ellie Christina was extraordinary! The action poses she performed were far from comfortable, which in turn brought Samus Aran and her athletic abilities to life.

PICTURED: Myself with the Varia suit helmet and the foam craftsman, Bernard aka Terranous Cosplay! 

Construction of the helmet

Terranous Cosplay is an Australian cosplayer who has an amazing way with foamsmithing – the ability to craft with Eva foam. His creative artistry has led him to become a cosplay ambassador across Australia.

Having a piece of the iconic Varia suit was very important for me to have in the shoot, and so I commissioned him to construct the helmet.

Cosplayer Paris Burns as her Retro pinup incarnation of Samus Aran (left), along side her source of inspiration by artist Astor Alexander (right). 

Retro Pinup Samus

Paris Burns drew inspiration from a retro futuristic fanart by Astor Alexander on Instagram. 

Paris is a cosplayer whose love and inspiration of cosplay is combined with retro pinup. 

For this shoot, we wanted to replicate the bombshell art you can find on the front of World War 2 Air crafts.

Paris was amazing in that her whole costume was created in one week. It was a dream shoot for her to recreate a pinup Metroid version and I am glad she chose me as her photographer.

VIDEO: Go behind the scenes in our video, as our creative vision comes to life.​

Getting onto YouTube

Another project related to the the Metroid Photoshoot was the YouTube Channel.

Although I shot and edited videos in the past, I wanted to develop my skillset to educate and tell a story. I’m not entirely sure of the direction my channel will go at this point, but I would love to have an audience follow me as I grow, experiment and develop new skills along the way.

The Bounty Hunter Photoshoot video was a lot of fun to create, and perhaps a learning curve with new skills I look to develop over time.

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Pictured: An old illustration I had done back in 2006, which is used in the video!


The following list are the cosplayers and crafters that helped with the photoshoot. 

Samus (black, red and zero suit) – @elliechristina
Samus Aran (Retro pinup Version) – @parisburns
Art inspiring Retro pinup Samus – @astoralexander
Helmet construction (Terranous) – @terranous_cosplay

Without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you!  ❤

Pictured: Ellie Christina, myself and Paris Burns!

For all of you who have read this far, thank you very much. Stay creative. Go make some art!

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