Yobe Chibi-Con – Perth 2017

November, 2017
Yobe Chibi Con 4 brings you up close Asian Pop Culture, including a new world of Japanese anime, Cosplay, Asian pop Culture and much more.

Hosting it’s fourth event, Yobe Chibicon took place on November 4, 2017 at the YMCA Morley Sport Recreation Centre, in Perth WA.

Hosted by Yobe Dream Store, features of the event included a Cosplay Competition, Pop Dance Competition, Drawing Competitions, Console gaming, Anime Flea Market and a Maid Cafe.

Photo of everyone who attended the convention late in the afternoon. Courtesy of Yobe-ChibiCon.
KCDC “Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew” is a Perth based Kpop cover dance crew led by Kaotsun. They have been invited to many events around Perth such as K-holic, Spring Feast, Pasar Malam, Battlegrounds, A-Team, Perth’s Japan Festival and Yobe Chibicon! Other special guests include the Dance group, “Live Star”, Singing performances and Hazel Cosplayer, Yobe Cosplays Solo Champion in 2015!
Yobe Chibi-Con was an amazing experience with a day’s worth of fun to be had. Organizers have announced this won’t be a yearly event, so no plans are set at this point are set for 2018.

It was a pleasure to have taken your photograph and to be a part of your weekend.

For more information on Yobe Chibicon 2017, visit their website at https://www.facebook.com/yobechibicon/

Yobe Chibicon Photo Gallery 2017

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