Evolve Pop Culture Expo – Perth 2019


September, 2019

Evolve Pop Culture Expo is a fan convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables.

The two-day event that has a huge focus on cosplay, played host for creative groups and individuals of various mediums, Exhibitors, Artists, prop makers and suppliers.

The Cosplay scene here has been constantly improving over the years and this year was unsurprisingly, a riot of dazzling costume designs and photography opportunities, and a jaw-dropping spectacle of creative ingenuity.

Winner of the Wildcard Cosplay Competition, Carastrophic Cosplay! She later went on to compete in the Perth Heat of the Championships of Cosplay!

Wildcard Cosplay Competition

The Wildcard Cosplay Competition had the exclusive sponsor for our Wildcard Cosplay Competition, PlayByProxy!

PlayByProxy are WA’s cosplay supplies specialist, bringing a growing range of EVA foams, thermoplastics, foam clays and much more to the remarkable cosplayers and creators of Western Australia!

In addition to sponsoring this year’s Wildcard Cosplay Competition, PlayByProxy played host to a series of varied panels, workshops, and demos across both days! This was the perfect opportunity for new and experienced cosplayers alike to come together, share ideas, pick up some new skills, and try out some great new materials!

The Winner of the Wildcard Cosplay Competition was Carastrophic Creations, with her Bat-Woman outfit!

Myself working at the photo wall with the Wildcard Cosplay Competition, Carastrophic Creations. Photo courtesy of CK Photography & Imagery.

Championships of Cosplay

For the Perth Heat of 2019’s Australians Championships of Cosplay (presented by Spotlight and Brother Australia) The list of Cosplay Judges included Kenny Travouillon of Wakaleo Cosplay, Bernard Sutton of Terranous Cosplay, and the duo Scott and Kieralee of Anime-niacs Cosplay Cosplay!

Entrants included Nicola McKinnon (No social media I know of), Of the Fforest Cosplay, Giorgia Costumes, Mercat Cosplay, Galaxy Wolf Cosplay and Thunderbunny Cosplay.

Cosplay ambassadors and judges, Wakaleo CosplayTerranous Cosplay, and the duo Scott and Kieralee of Anime-niacs Cosplay!

Winner of the Needlework Award and Perth Heat of the Championships of Cosplay, Giorgia Costumes!

Giorgia Costumes won the Perth Heat of the 2019 Championships of Cosplay event. Her entry was of Twilight from Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

Giorgia has been cosplaying since 2004, is a graduate of WAAPA, won Madman National Comp, And was one of the Australian representatives World Cosplay Summit in 2018 .

Twilight represents hours of patterning, embroidery, drafting, sewing and experimentation.
Despite the dramatic look of the costume, it is comfortable to move in.

Giorgia chose to use silk to create the costume to give that look of luxury, and a wig piece made up of so much hair it would have been five wigs worth!

Giorgia will represent Perth WA in the National Championships of Cosplay, hosted by Oz Comic-Con in Sydney on September 27-28, 2019.

Congratulations Giorgia! Your win was well-deserved!

Winner of the Armour Award, Of the Fforest Cosplay!

Winner of the FX Award, Galaxy Wolf Cosplay!

Entrants included Nicola McKinnon (No social media I know of), Of the Fforest CosplayGiorgia CostumesMercat CosplayGalaxy Wolf Cosplay and Thunderbunny Cosplay.


Photo courtesy of Lightscape Photography

The Photo Wall

Over the course of the weekend, I played host as Evolve’s official photographer! 

I had a dedicated mini pop-up Photo Wall, which was a massive hit to the Perth Cosplay Community. It was a busy and amazing weekend that ran on the vibrant energy of cosplayers looking forward to have their photos taken!

The drive behind both cosplay and photography is amazing and to consistently create a positive environment is one that should be applauded! I am glad to see how each convention continues to grow, alongside the community and the creativity this city has to offer!

Myself with cosplayers Breka and Luke Skywannabe!

I would like to give a special thank you to the people of Evolve Pop Culture Expo for having me on board as their photographer on the mini pop-up photo wall.

You guys were amazing company!

Evolve Pop Culture Expo was an amazing experience with an entire weekend’s worth of fun to be had, but for now, Perth will have to wait until 2020. 

For more information, news and announcements, visit the Evolve Perth website.

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